My Office Favorites for Organization

Why do I always have a strong urge to rearrange, organize and purge unwanted items in the new year?! I know I'm not alone. My studio is my happy place, and one that holds *a lot* of craft and art supplies, shipping supplies and tons of merchandise I sell in the shop. I wanted to share some of my favorite items to stay organized that are easy on the eyes, too!
Some of my favorite office finds from Amazon:
1. White photo boxes: hold everything from my cello sleeves for art to linen bags, pens, markers, ink pens etc. I love that they have a little label on each one!
2. Acrylic desk organizer: These are often used for makeup, but I use mine for my pens and pencils, packing inserts, stickers for packaging, etc. 
3. Scrapbook bin: I use these to organize all of my motel keys. They stack neatly, hold a lot, and I love them!
4. Ikea Alex drawers -- two of these hold up my Ikea desk tops. They hold my 11x14 art prints. On the other side are two sawhorse stands, also from Ikea.
5. A rolling cart: these can be used to organize all kinds of art supplies, but I use mine under my shipping desk to hold my packing tape, mailers and my shipping scale. 
Other office finds I have and love:
Ikea desk chairs second hand via FB Marketplace
Small flat file shelf inserts found at Homegoods
Feel free to reach out if you all have any other sourcing questions or comments. Happy organizing, and happy new year!
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