A Christmas Keepsake Album I Love

As some of you know, my parents have a little Christmas photo book they've had for close to 30 years, full of my childhood Santa photos and our family Christmas photos. I've wanted a keepsake album that's similar for a long time, but I've had a really hard time finding one I liked!
I stumbled across the company Write to Me on social media, and I can't tell you how much I love their products. Their Christmas keepsake book was just what I was looking for! The quality is excellent, and shipping was reasonable and super fast, considering this company is based in Australia.
I can't wait to fill this book up with our Santa pictures so far -- and even our photos from the Polar Express, the Pink Pig at Lenox, and of course, our annual Christmas cards. In a world where all of us carry our photos with us on our phones, it's easy for them to get lost and forgotten about. I'm glad I'll have this album for years to come, and I hope it's a keepsake that my kids and future grandkids can all flip through and enjoy, too!
You can find this Christmas book here.
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